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Innovative brand development for artists, albums, and tours.

who we are

Beth and Jess became internet friends, bonding over life and the shared experience of working in the PR and marketing industry. 

They quickly discovered their mutual passion for music and respective backgrounds supporting artists on the radio and at their record labels. With a finger on the pulse of the modern industry and artist brand development, Penny Lane PR was born. 


Yes. Penny Lane felt like the most accurate name for the work we do. Whether you know it from the 1967 single release from The Beatles or the 2000s cult classic film, you’re right. An homage to honoring the origin of music and the business behind it as well as the new frontier for emerging artists and their work, “Penny Lane” embraces the ever-present duality of the industry.

Beth Booker, CEO + Co-Founder of Penny Lane PR


CEO & Co-Founder

Beth is a creative entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in PR and Marketing that originated in the music business. Her diverse background has spanned multiple industries from fashion to music and from beauty to lifestyle. Through it all, Beth’s prowess, knowledge, and leadership from both her heart and her experience set her apart from your routine publicist. Every project that she takes on produces results-oriented work that is creative, strategic, and authentic. A force to be reckoned with, Beth is your partner in telling your story, supporting your art, and engaging your fans. Ingenuity, persistence, and passion are at the heart of her work and she will be there to take the lead on your marketing and PR strategy so that you can focus on what we’re all here for: the music.

Jessi Sanfilippo, CMO + Co-Founder of Penny Lane PR


CMO & Co-Founder

Jessi is an award-winning entrepreneur with two decades of experience in the music, film, comedy, and pop culture industry. Her experience in music and artist support began in radio where she supported on-air programming, show promotion, and production of an annual radio festival in the Phoenix market. More than that, Jess has been an avid fan since her first gig in the industry, intimately understanding the importance of artist brand development and the artist-fan relationship thanks to modern technologies. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to artists and their teams that includes creative marketing, community-building, and fan activation. Her primary focus is bringing tour to life with Penny Lane PR’s parent company, Roadie Social.

What We DO

Artist Brand Development

We support the ongoing brand development by creating publicity for album releases, national + global media outreach, single release premieres or exclusives, advance album streams, listening parties, press interviews, creating pitch materials, exclusive brand experiences, and photoshoots.


We support the extensive efforts of producing a national or global tour by handling targeted outreach to key media partners in cities and towns on the run, activating local fans for show coverage, organizing meet & greets + fan activations, press kit creation, and securing placement previews + features.


We coordinate and develop pre-save campaigns for single releases with prominent fans and influencers on social media, manage attendees for listening parties, build fan engagement campaigns based on artist goals, and facilitate artist-fan focus groups to develop meaningful fan experiences + sentiment.

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